A Compiled list of virtual works
made by graduating
graphic design
of the gerrit rietveld academie
Title Who Description
Art/Book Fair
Christofer Goertz and
Karoline Swiezynski
Homepage for the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011
Binderij / Bindery Christofer Goertz and
Karoline Swiezynski
Homepage for the book bindery at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Bulletin Board project Victor Brangoleau This website presents the first version of the design for the Bulletin Board.It is an online platform for students to share, communicate and get informations.
Between sky and surface Maarten Kanters Between sky and surface is a platform, that collects and investigates news images provided by photo stock company Reuters.
The main focus and interest lies in the perspective the photo's are shot in, the content of the images, background information and the story the image tells itself.
Collaborative tructuring Christian Isberg An investigation of the word interactivity and what it implies. There's no fixed element, A is changing because of B and B is changing because of A. Interaction resides on the relation to the object, similar to a conversation and depending on: Sharing, Collaboration and Discussion.
Film Cuts Dorota M Potyka No description
Fashion Show 2011 Mathias Ringgenberg Online catalogue of the graduates of the fashion department Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Publishing as an ongoing process Christian Isberg No description
Static Motion Elki Boerdam An archive of stills. How do we place and define the frozen image within an art environment
YELLOW HOMO 2011 Mathias Ringgenberg and Mariko Kuwahara Yellow Homo is a collaboration between Mariko Kuwahara and Mathias Ringgenberg
xxcuddles94xx Julia Bendeler No description